• What adhesive should I use for your wallcovering?

     - We supply our own specially-made adhesive perfect for our wallcovering.

  • How much adhesive do I need?

     - Our adhesive covers approximately 5m² per kilogram.

  • Hanging Tips?

     - For advice on how to hang our wallcovering please see our "Hanging Tips" page. 

  • Are your wallcoverings washable?

     - For advice on how to maintain and clean your wallcovering please see our "Care & Maintenance" page.

  • Longevity before and after application

     - All of our products have a 5 year manufacturing defect guarantee

  • Are your products fire rated?

     - Yes, all of our products are fire rated to UK and European standards.

  • Batch variation

     - When purchasing a second order, there is a chance that colours will not match your first order. This is due to batch variation; our substrate is made to order and therefore different colours may vary ever so slightly.

  • Production times

     - Our production time is usually about a week (this does not include delivery), however this can vary depending on how busy we are.

  • Delivery - who and how long

     - Delivery varies due to manufacturing times, however we aim to have the product with you 4-6 weeks after your order has been placed

  • Eco friendliness

     - Just as we love walls, we love the planet too. All of the products we sell are 100% recyclable

  • How do I measure my wall?

     - Please measure the exact width and height of your wall. We always add 5% to each order for room to play.

  • How many rolls do I need for my wall?

    1. Divide the width of the wall(plus 5%) by the width of the wallcovering.
    This will tell you how many drops you require (always round up the number of drops).
    e.g.      4.5m(Wall width including 5%) ÷ 0.6m(Roll width) = 7.5 (8 Drops in total).

    2. Now we multiply the number of drops by the height of the wall to work out how many linear metres of wallcovering required.
    e.g.      8(Drops) x 2.5m(Wall Height including 5%) = 20m(Linear metres).

    3. If the design has a vertical pattern repeat we need to add the repeat height to every drop and add this to our linear metres required.
    e.g.      0.2m(Vertical repeat) x 8(Drops) = 1.6m
    20m(Linear metres) + 1.6m(Vertical repeats) = 21.6m(Total linear metres)

    4. Finally we divide the total linear metres but the roll length to give us the number of rolls needed (always round up the number of rolls).
    e.g.      21.6m (Total linear metres) ÷ 10(Length of media on roll) = 2.16 (3 Rolls Required).